KUPEG introduces new products for special insurance coverage

Excess of Loss and Top Up Cover – KUPEG offers its clients new possibilities

Do you need to insure your receivables to the highest extent possible and traditional credit insurance does not cover them in full? Or are you looking for a solution that preserves the full autonomy of your own receivables management system, but also protects your company against unforeseen risks? It is for these cases that we have introduced new special insurance coverage products that KUPEG offers in cooperation with its sister company Trade Credit, which is part of the Credendo Group.

Top Up Cover insurance – coverage for your receivables – easily and in full

In the current economic situation, many company owners are looking for solutions that provide coverage of their receivables to the fullest extent. Full coverage of receivables with traditional credit insurance is not always possible.  In some cases, a single insurance company cannot underwrite full coverage of receivables due to the creditworthiness of the borrower. The solution for additional insurance coverage is Top Up Cover, which covers receivables exceeding the limits set by traditional credit insurance and provides insurance coverage up to your required level. It‘s easy to acquire.  After concluding the basic premium credit insurance contract, simply fill out a questionnaire and sign the insurance contract. It is not necessary to ask for additional insurance limits – all insurance limits are increased according to client needs, up to double the amount, simply by signing the contract. Because of the additional coverage provided by our partner insurance company, we can always offer you the maximum possible limit.  With Top Up Cover insurance, your coverage can be increased up to twofold.

Excess of Loss – Solution for mid-sized and large companies with their own receivables management system

If you have invested in your own receivables management system, and do not want to be restricted by credit limits, the innovative Excess of Loss credit insurance is for you. Unlike traditional credit insurance, it does not interfere with your receivables management system or your business relationships. The insurance company is still responsible for any losses up to an agreed amount, but you are covered against any unforeseen or extraordinary losses that could threaten the financial health of your company or cause it to go into liquidation.